-- - 03/25/2009
LOSERS AND WINNERS was awarded with the Adolf-Grimme-Award 2009

-- - 01/28/2009
LOSERS AND WINNERS is nominated for the Adolf-Grimme-Award

-- - 09/22/2008
LOSERS AND WINNERS wins the Prize Grazia Deledda at 14th SIEFF in Nouro, Italy
For its multi-layered construction and in-depth research lasting more than a year, showing an episode of the current globalization process by successfully rendering the controlled clash between German and Chinese industrial workers avoiding then usual polarization of emotional attachment.

-- - 06/23/2008
LOSERS AND WINNERS was honoured with the Herbert Quandt Medien-Preis of the Johanna-Quandt-Stiftung

-- - 12/16/2007
LOSERS AND WINNERS wins the Watch Docs Award at 7th WATCH DOCS in Warschau
Jury of the feature length competition, consisting of: Petr Lom (the President), Omar Amiralay, Roman Gutek, Violeta Krasnic, Kristina Schulgin decided to present the Watch Docs Award to German documentary Losers and Winners by Ulrike Franke and Michael Loeken about Chinese workers dismantling the ultra-modern German factory. From the jury verdict: "...extraordinarily fascinating and complex film that grips the audience from beginning to end. Impeccably shot, finely edited, and always thought provoking, the film vividly illustrates for us both the economic and moral consequences of economic globalization. It invites us to reflect on the power of cultural stereotypes and tolerance, and even more importantly, about justice and individual rights under global capitalism. The jury salutes the filmmakers' craftsmanship, their intellect in choosing an extraordinarily important and timely subject, and their sensitivity in portraying the lives and fates of those affected by colossal economic change".

-- - 09/09/2007
LOSERS AND WINNERS wins the Goldener Lwe at 1st Hachenburger Filmfest

-- - 08/12/2007
LOSERS AND WINNERS gets a Special Mention at 6th dokufest in Prizren

-- - 04/29/2007
LOSERS AND WINNERS wins the Best International Feature Documentary at HOTDOCS 2007 in Toronto

-- - 04/29/2007
LOSERS AND WINNERS gets a Golden Remi Award at 40th WORLDFEST in Houston

-- - 04/08/2007
LOSERS AND WINNERS gets a Honorable Mention and wins the Film Critics' Award at CIDF 2007 in Chicago

-- - 04/01/2007
LOSERS AND WINNERS gets a Special Jury Award at 12th IT'S ALL TRUE in So Paulo

-- - 03/08/2007
LOSERS AND WINNERS wins the Best Film Award at ONE WORLD FESTIVAL 07 in Praha
The Best Film Award was selected by members of the main jury: A prize will be awarded to the German film Losers and Winners by the directors Ulrike Franke and Michael Loeken on the current topic of the day, globalisation. "We have chosen a film which addresses the urgent issue of globalization. It is an allegory of modern-day world where geo-politics is defined by the shift of capital and labour migration. In a subtle observational style the filmmakers succeeded in depicting two different worlds, each with its own labour ethics and mechanisms of exploitation," the main jury said, explaining its decision.

-- - 01/2007
Official release of LOSERS AND WINNERS on March 15th in Cologne, Dortmund and Muenster

-- - 10/2006
LOSERS AND WINNERS will be the Opening Film at 49th DOK-Festival, Leipzig