Press responces

Disillusioned Germans meet highly motivated Chinese. With tactfulness, a sharp eye and a sense of unintentional comedy, the authors observe downsizing.
Nadja Naumann, Middeldeutsche Zeitung

A haunting, calm and precisely observed film on globalization and its effects; a work that makes both sides comprehensible and stimulates thought.
Joachim Kurz,

A historical document of globalization practices, processes and effects, which is highly recommended in classes regarding East-West encounters, cross-cultural understanding, Chinese management and culture, or more generally in any class on contemporary China.
Dr. Maurizio Marinelli, H-Asia

Fascinating... has much to offer students of China, Germany, globalization, and labor.
Jennifer Rudolph, Education About Asia, Asian Educational Media Service

Excellent... both a film of subtle ironies and one of enormous cultural contrasts... highly recommended.
Cliff Glaviano, Educational Media Reviews Online

An excellent means for examining the complexities of globalization.
Daniel Friel, H-German listserv